Customized Learning Programs

We design customized learning courses to train your staff in the right skills needed for your specific industry.

Learning Curation and Pathway Creation

Your learners will have a choice in the way they learn with our pathway creation services and curated content.

Project Management Services

Project management to ensure that customers receive viable training programs as fast as possible; then we iterate based upon business and learner feedback and tracked data outcomes.


Customized Learning Programs

Our customized learning programs assist customers in moving from a costly and largely ineffective traditional learning approach to a more efficient and effective modern learning paradigm. Our programs are scalable and can be used for many years.

Our programs make use of the latest in learning theory that includes;

  • Informal Learning
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Social Learning
  • Discovery Learning
  • Action-Based Learning
  • Micro-Learning
  • E-Learning
  • Interactive Classroom Learning

Learning programs can include design of on-demand e-learning, in-person workshops, train-the trainer, new-hire learning roadmaps, supporting learning pathways, reinforcement programs, micro-learning content and assessments.

Our Educational Course Specialties:

  • Technical
  • Sales
  • Leadership
  • Service
  • Safety
  • Business

Curated Learning Pathways

Learning Pathways offer learners different routes of achieving course objectives.

We offer curated learning pathways for many fundamental business skills that provide continuous learning and reinforcement for formal training programs.

Content for these learning pathways will be gathered by us, examined for relevance to course objectives and implemented into a pathway.


Benefits of our learning pathway services:

Learning pathways offer alternate routes to reach course objectives

Curated content is provided by us to ensure relevance and efficient learning

Provides continuous learning and reinforcement for programs


Project Management Ensures Efficiency

We can provide management over your education project to make certain your staff can receive viable training as fast as possible. Based on business and learner feedback and tracked data outcomes, we will refine the project and course material to improve the overall efficiency and speed of training courses.

Benefits of using our project management services:

  • We will manage all aspects of your training and education project
  • With our experience, management of your project ensures efficiency and speed in achieving project goals
  • We will gather feedback from learners and your business to optimize the program to further improve speed and effectiveness

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